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Top 5 Romantic Spots In Delhi


Hi Readers,

I woke up this morning with a view to die for, slightly clouded sky with cool breeze kissing on my forehead and green color of trees at their vibrant best. Somehow monsoon seems to bring so many emotions alive specially smoking hot romance. Growing up somehow makes us so bound & gagged in a daily struggle to keep up with a routine that we simply forget to appreciate these dramatic changes around us. But the first drops of rains always brings back the nostalgia of romance. Be it a walk while holding hands, or hiding under a tree snuggling in each other’s arms, or being in a heritage park like Lodi Garden taking refuge in one of the monuments cuddling and feeling warmth of her breath on my neck or simply driving around under the rain on a bike across the deserted roads, monsoon brings out so many sweet memories from my trunk of forgotten moments.

So here I am dedicating a post to romance in monsoon.

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5 Places To Romance Under Clouded Sky

1. Lodi Gardens

I don’t know if it has something to do with my upbringing at Lodi Colony but I have special attachment to this place. Lush green gardens with a lake, small bridge & heritage monuments perfect landscape to paint a portrait with colors of romance. The tombs have large entrances & galleries to sit and enjoy a view of rain drops pouring down.

2. Garden Of 5 Senses

I feel that Garden Of 5 senses is one of the most under promoted destinations and maybe this is what is the secret to it’s beauty. Vast gardens with plenty of places to offer seclusion, it just comes alive under an overcast sky or when it starts to rain. Best places to be at when you can’t control those love hormones.

3. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Situated at a close vicinity to jantar-mantar and walking distance from barakhamba metro station, this could be counted as a secret garden for cupid’s play. The downside being sometimes it gets too crowded with couples and also it has a lot of residential settlements around it. Best for spending those calm moments of togetherness.

4. Delhi Haat

Just opposite to INA metro station this one is one of the most bubbling places so enjoy a cloudy afternoon. With cool breeze killing the summer effect, take your loved one to the lanes enriched with handicrafts item, get a tattoo made out of mehendi as a remembrance and follow it us with food from your favorite part of India. One of the most ideal dating points to spurge some cash & spend some quality handful of hours. An entry ticket ensures that the right kind of gentry surrounds you.

5. Chandni Chowk

I know this is stark but for someone like me to whom romance is more about togetherness and walks while holding hands, I would vote chandni chowk as the place to be at. Board a rickshaw and drive past the narrow lanes to discover paranthe wali gali, go for delicacies made of desi ghee in traditional way, have jalebies in hot milk/rabri/curd or feast on chat & golgappe. Well, as far as love is concerned, it knows another language which eyes speak, so try devoting some time knowing each other as well. The downside being no privacy.