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Posing for a stranger’s camera is similar to how to approach our living. Whether we smile of frown is what decides it all !!

Auntyji Please!


peep hole

This one if for neighborhood auntijies who are too busy peeping inside my house than their’s

Inspired By My Cousin Nayan .
It’s 2 PM, scorching hot and I am done with my exams, how abnormal do you think it would be to have friend’s over at my place? Well I just opened a bottle of coke and started with James Bond movie, when out of blue the doorbell rang. It was a little odd time to be expecting visitors so under impression that another of my friend might have arrived, I opened the door with a smile just to get it snatched away. It was the auntyji from the other side of the park and before I could open my mouth, with her eyes prowling behind my shoulder she popped up her question “What are you doing with your friends?” and I was like “How the fuck does it matter to you?” (obviously inside my head).

I am sure that this is not just one incident but all of us in Delhi have such auntiji’s but such sneaky eyes, probing brain and interfering nose as our neighbor. It;s not just Nayan (my cousin) but even my patience & politeness has been tested on numerous occasions by similar characters the only activity during their slothful housewife day is to sit on their window and gather intel about their surrounding. This intel is later shared & distributed among their sisterhood during their routine gatherings.

BBC : Bhenji (sisterhood) Broadcasting Corporation.
The network is generally strongly connected to different parts of the colony you reside in and they ensure that the sisterhood covers nearly all corners of the block you reside in. This way all the houses remain under their surveillance and it gets impossible to break their code “NO ONE ESCAPES”.

BBC : Creative ways to counter BBC Agents.

1. Ignorance : Well we all know this one. The best way to defeat their advances is to ignore their presence.

2. Sarcasm : This one is not meant for everyone, sarcasm is a weapon to be used on opponents with above average intellect. You surely would not like to speak golden and then elaborate the same in simple language. It just takes the charm out of kill.

3. Delude : Use some diversion, come up with spicy topic or cook up some hot gossip to ensure that her empty mind is occupied with something else. Send her on a wild goose chase (test your skills and try it multiple times :P)

4. Play Tit-for-Tat: Yes, how about giving her a taste of her own medicine. Keep an eye on her house for a few days and on every possible opportunity ring their bell to ask the questions she asks from you.

5. Be Straightforward : Well even though this is the lamest and tasteless of all possible alternates but works pretty well. Tell her to Shut Up And Mind her Own Business!! (little politely). Though the best thing about point 5 way is that it will save you a lot of effort but be warned that this will keep your wit unused.

So, Best of luck and feel free to share your experiences and ideas to counter the BBC

10 Fun Facts About Delhites



# Fact 1 : Majority of us do not know about driving etiquettes and the minority which knows about it does not believe in following it.

# Fact 2 : Cutting Tea (a cup divided into two). It is not about how fat your wallet is, when at a tea stall then you always bond with friends by asking “Ek bata Do”.

# Fact 3 : You can pee in public however it is kissing which is prohibited.

# Fact 4 : We do not need a neighbourhood watch group, our neighbors are watchful enough and better broadcasters than BBC.

# Fact 5 : We have a lot of respect for traffic cops so we call them mamu and if they catch you breaking rules then they are always courteous enough to return the favour (if you know what I mean ).

# Fact 6 : When we drive we are egoistic enough not to ask for directions and when someone asks for directions then we are egoistic enough to admit we don’t know the destination. So we will always tell you where to go despite ourself not knowing where it leads to.

# Fact 7 : For women, no shopping experience is complete without a bargain. So be it discount on gold jewellery or coming back with prized free hara dhaniya and hari mirch with vegetable they always bag something EXTRA.

# Fact 8 : The historical monuments are beautiful and any lovebirds visiting them ensures marking their entry on it’s wall.

# Fact 9 : Social stature is more about jugaads than anything else. We have a strong belief on “Why to use your resource when you have a backup jugaad (connection). So a cricket match, concert, admission in school, even movie tickets – jugaad hai na bhai!.

# Fact 10 : Punjabi language has strong roots in our daily dialect, maa ki ****, bhen ki ### are most commonly used.

Delhi Auto Tamasha



The Great Negotiation !!

I am someone who feels proud to say that I have been born and brought up in Delhi, and one of the primary reasons for this is the revolutionary change I have witnessed in my city. The chocked roads have been liberated by the flyovers, the pollution which nearly made my eyes burn has dropped considerably and I feel safe breathing fresh air, those rickety DTC & monstrous blue line busses no longer ply and we have today the lavish low floor busses running on our roads, the distances have shrunk today all thanks to metro.

One thing however, which remains unchanged even today, withstanding all positive changes is a question “Bhaiya Kitna Loge?” (How much will you charge?). The fleet of CNG autos which run on Delhi streets have been projected as one of the most economical & pocket friendly modes of transportation, ideal for city journey but it actually nothing more than a fleet of pick-pocket & thugs. Be it increased fares or temper proof meters or penalty there is nothing which deters them. THEY JUST WONT GO FAIR.

In fact there have been occasions when I have argued with them, waited for next auto to arrive hoping for him to use meter , abused them in frustration but nothing has worked. In the end you just end up waiting endlessly wasting your time-energy-effort and finally agreeing on a negotiated cost (which is always higher than meter cost).

And sometimes to add insult to injury, the moment you step in they will switch on their meters to make you see that you have paid a good 20-30 rupees over the cost.

Well perhaps I am being too harsh going by my experiences but as a relief Delhi do have prepaid auto booths where you pay as per meter fare and luggage cost. For the convenience of commuters all major bus terminals, railway stations have prepaid auto booths so anyone coming into Delhi need not worry about loosing their cool.

Also, with the rigorous awareness program being initiated by Delhi police to get things in order, I am extremely optimistic that very soon Delhi auto will be like Mumbai taxies. Stop the Auto, Hop In and let the fare meter do the taking & calculations.

But to pave way for this dramatic change we all will need to pitch in our effort and fearlessly report it to concerned authority. In case any of you face harassment from Auto drivers then please lodge a complaint with Delhi traffic police. A complaint can be lodged online at the following link :


Simply message below code to “56767”
REF : in case auto driver refuses to give services.
OVC : If you have been overcharged.
HAR : IN case auto drives harasses you.

Finally, if you have any suggestion as to how to contribute to changing this scenario or if you have a similar experience then you know that comment section is right below. Let’s share & grow!!

The Coin Seller

In Trail Of Forgotten Coins

In Trail Of Forgotten Coins

In case you are interested in Coin Collection then this would interest You

Roaming randomly in busy streets sometimes makes you miss so many minor but interesting aspects of you surrounding, and we simply miss on appreciating their relevance. Well let me talk about a very brief interaction with a coin seller to gain understanding of what they do.

Even though it happened a couple of weeks ago but I just couldn’t let the incident get buried under dust. It was a Thursday afternoon and I had just stepped out of Chandni Chowk metro station where I was supposed to meet a friend. As it happens in most of the stories, something held him back and I found myself with around 30 spare minutes. And so I decided to ditch the metro station for a stroll.

Within a couple of minutes and nearly 100 steps out of station I realized that May afternoons are not the most ideal time to relieve exploration itch. But irrespective of the fact that I was all covered in sweat and harsh sunlight was interacting with my skin in a way similar to a needle piercing through a fabric, I decided to follow the crowd. Soon we entered a very narrow lane which definitely was cramped for an overly healthy bloke like me. To add chaos my struggle, I not only was I being pushed from the crowd behind me but people were rushing in from other direction as well. By the time I got out I realized how my car must feel when inside a car wash with rollers rubbing it from both end.

The exit to the lane was my entry to Chandni Chowk market but the heat had soaked out all the enthusiasm out of me. Now is was walking with just one aim, to comfortably sit in shade. And soon I reached a section of shops which was being renovated and to my left were a few steps for entry into the shop. Even though I could see “Yahan Baithna Mana Hai” (do not sit here) board I got courage by the fact that a lot of people were sitting there. In fact there were couple of Paan stalls there doing a fully engaged business. I decided to take a seat behind one such stall hoping to hear some interesting conversation to kill the 20 minutes in my hand.

But soon I realized that I was just fooled by the way counter was decorated and this was not at all the Paan stall I earlier assumed. I could see that old man with a lean figure, gray hair and wrinkled skin was sitting with his fingers crossed and eyes keeping a close watch on his small tray. Soon two curios teens stood in front of him whispering something to each other. One of the boys picked up a coin from old man’s tray and asked “how much for this one?”. The answer came “Don’t touch any coin, keep it back”. And only once the boy kept the coin back I heard “This is for 500/-“.

What The Fuck!!!! … I remember these three words echoed loud inside my head and suddenly I was interested to see what all he had and what currency was he selling. Lethargy was gone and I sprang from my stair to sit on stair blow me right next to the old man.

A closer look at his tray and I observed his hands carefully segregating coins and carefully keeping them to various sections. The man was coin seller!. My fingers started to tingle and I asked him if I could take a few snaps of his counter to which I received a gentle affirmative smile.


He started to explain me about his collection which he had divided into 7 separate sections. I could see that while we was talking to me his eyes drifted back to his tray searching for something. He moved a few coins as if counting them, and picked up a coin. stretching his hand toward me he said “Yeh wala dekho, mera sabse mehenga wala sikka, aath sau rupaiye ka hai! (“Take a look at this one, the most expensive coin I have, it is for Rs. 800). I could see a glitter in his eyes while showing the coin to me, he was like a proud father showing mark-sheet of his child who would have topped his school.

The coin was from early 18’th century and he claimed that he had many more like that one. I quickly scanned through his collection and indeed there were some really old coins with him while some coins were reasonably recent which I could remember from my early childhood days.

He had some coins from foreign currency, while some were Indian coins which came out as limited edition. I just checked how much an 5 rupee coin be worth if I wanted to purchase and he was happy to sell it for Rs. 25/-.

To be honest I was quite happy to see a some coins for 1,2,5,10,20,25 paisa which today are out of circulation.

I was considering buying and negotiating for a coin which had Arabic/ Urdu language imprinted, I was ready to shelve out 300/- for the same but before I could have taken it to next level my phone rang and my friend had reached the metro station. I quickly started clicking a few pictures.
Meanwhile his hands slipped into a black bag kept under his counter and sneaked out a notebook. Once again proudly he opened the book and pointed toward it. Well, seems like he not only had coins but had a collection of few forgotten notes as well. He held out a 10 rupees note which must have been post-independence signed by J B Taylor (who was the second governor of RBI).

A Rs 10 Note signed by Sir J B Taylor

A Rs 10 Note signed by Sir J B Taylor

Well, few more clicks and my phone stared to ring again and I knew I would need to hurry back. By the time I was done clicking and keeping my camera back to my bag I observed that my little discussion with the old man and camera clicks had attracted a decent gathering of inquisitive buyers. A smile exchanged with each other was sufficient to replace a goodbye-thank you pleasantries.

Unfortunately in the rush of heading back I realised that I never asked the guy about his name or number but I hope the photograph on my will help.

I am sure that there a lot more people who sell coins and who would like to purchase coins. So if any of my readers know about similar points in Chandni Chowk or somewhere else please enrich my post with your knowledge.