Romancing Delhi Monsoon!



It’s 6:00 AM and a calm morning glow sets into my room from my window. Personally I don’t like to get up before 7:30 so upset over my wife who did not pull the curtains properly last night, I dragged my ass to my window. With eyes half closed I took a peak outside and it was that perfect magical time when sun is not up but the sunlight has arrived in atmosphere.

I could see the trees & their leaves swaying with a soft breeze flowing past them and that pulled my attention to the slightly overcast sky. And now I couldn’t pull the curtains across the window because suddenly so many feelings started flowing to me through the glass of my window. Memories from my schooling days, and a few from last year were suddenly out from the closet and started to paint me in their flavor.

As a kid I used to be make those paper boats and be a viking ruling small streams of rain water flowing at my backyard during heavy rains, I used to run across my lawns just in shorts while my elder sister used to shout at me, asking me to cover myself with a raincoat. I feel that playing in rains has a special magical connection with our childhood and it is one of the most cherished activities which we leave behind while growing up.

5 Monsoon Things I wish I had never stopped doing while growing up:

1) Make boats and see them floating away with monsoon streams.
2) Get on the playground and have a soccer match with my friends.
3) Shaking tree branches while passing through to see droplets settled on leaves & branches shower a mini-rain.
4) Go cycling on roads which got deserted by heavy rains. I had my entire friend’s group doing that!
5) Acting sick to skip school.

5 reasons why I still love monsoon:

1) No better time to enjoy killer triple combo of hot masala tea-pakoras-pudhina chatni.
2) Savior from scorching Delhi summer heat.
3) Greenery of our parks, gardens & trees is at it’s best.
4) Most romantic time of the year.
5) The heavenly scent of moist soil which floats in the air. This is the fragrance and nothing compares to it.

However, despite of painting Delhi in it’s best shades, Monsoon is not always best of seasons. Here is the list of things which I wish never happens during monsoon :
1) Traffic jams.
2) The stench which arises from overflowing drains.
3) Water logging.
And one important suggestion:

Avoid Delhi Street Food During Monsoons.


About TheItchyTraveller

There are things which don't easily sink in. Things I try to ignore but they just resurface again for answers. To me it is travel!. Till a few days ago I was working in a corporate with life bounded by routine materialistic ways. It seems all comfortable except for every now and then, when a question comes from inside "Is This Really What I Want To Do?". I have always had inclination to a few creative things like photography, graphic designing, writing (even though I am pathetic with spellings sometimes :( ) and I have always missed applying more of these passions to my life. But when circumstances take a U TURN, suddenly I had to reshuffle my commitments and I am now with more time to spend at home with family rather than work. This reshuffling no matter how unwelcomed have given me a food of thought and window of opportunity to practice what I loved to do. Thus came this idea of my blog "Romancing Delhi", a blog dedicated to my city and a window to tell world what Delhi has to offer. So here I am trying to reflect my city in my words & photographs. Enjoy and stay hooked !!

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