Ugrasen ki Baoli: The Veiled Beauty


Me To Paanwala: Bhaiya ye auranzeb ki baoli kahan padegi? (could you direct me to auranzeb ki baoli?)

Paanwala: Hain? (What?)

Me To Paanwala: “Auranzeb ki baoli” suna hai yahin kahin aas paas hai. (“Auranzeb ki baoli”, I was told that it was somewhere nearby.)

Paanwala: Saahab Auranzeb ne koi banayi to pata nahi!, par ugrasen ki paas mein hi padegi. Wo gali se andar ho jao phir pehla right. Seedha wahin pahochoge. (I dont know if Aurangzeb made one, but there is one in close vicinity created by Ugrasen. Go through that lane and then take first right, it will take you to your destination.)

Me: Thank You bhaiyaji.

Paanwala: Akele jaoge kya? (Going there alone?)

Me: Haan ji bahiya (Yes)

Paanwala : with a smirk on his face.. Phir kya faayda (You might not enjoy it then!)

Speechless & confused I walked to where I was directed. Must me a few hundred yards of walk and I reached the gate. Conveniently located among residential colonies, the red walls will large blocks of stones spoke a language of medieval times sufficient to hint that I had reached my destination.

Ugrasen Ki Baoli also known as Agrasen Ki Baoli is a stepwell which must have been created in pre-lodhi era which delhi witnessed and signifies the time when water was respected and efforts were made to search & preserve it. In fact on my conversation with the guard, there was water in the step-well till 2010.

Even though various residential settlements & buildings hover around it and it is located at heart of Delhi yet it is surprisingly peaceful and a perfect place if you are searching for withdrawal for frenzied city crowd. A solitude which was mostly broken by the flutters of pigeon’s wings.

I observed that it was mostly couple which occupied the human crowd inside the monument and and the monument windows give shelter to their desire for being close together away from preying eyes of people around them.

The compound also have a mosque inside but for some reason beyond my understanding, guard did not permit me to get close to it! :(.

Meanwhile for your reference the stepwell which is now an ASI protected site has more than 110 steps, so you know that it does run deep. It’s length is 60 meters (north to south) and is 15 meters wide.

It is within walking distance from barakhamba metro station and is located on Hailey Road, Connaught Place. Timings are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


About TheItchyTraveller

There are things which don't easily sink in. Things I try to ignore but they just resurface again for answers. To me it is travel!. Till a few days ago I was working in a corporate with life bounded by routine materialistic ways. It seems all comfortable except for every now and then, when a question comes from inside "Is This Really What I Want To Do?". I have always had inclination to a few creative things like photography, graphic designing, writing (even though I am pathetic with spellings sometimes :( ) and I have always missed applying more of these passions to my life. But when circumstances take a U TURN, suddenly I had to reshuffle my commitments and I am now with more time to spend at home with family rather than work. This reshuffling no matter how unwelcomed have given me a food of thought and window of opportunity to practice what I loved to do. Thus came this idea of my blog "Romancing Delhi", a blog dedicated to my city and a window to tell world what Delhi has to offer. So here I am trying to reflect my city in my words & photographs. Enjoy and stay hooked !!

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