The Enrapture At Bangla Sahib


Personally I have always admired Sikh community not only because of the chivalry in their history but because of their approach toward religion as well. I have always known their Gurudwaras (house of worship) to extend a helping hand to the community and treat people humanly irrespective of their social standing or dress up or income or religion. This to me reflects what an ideal religion needs to be!


Bangla Sahib Gurudwara has always been a talk among my friends and has always been popular as a destination to disengage from complications. So let me take you along in what it is like being there.

Situated on Ashoka Road (walking distance from Connaught Place), this Gurudwara is devoted to the earth Sikh guru – Guru Harkrishan Ji. Built out of marble and with golden dome, it has a stunning architecture which homes a Holy Sarovar (holy water pond), library, museum, school and a kitchen.

It was 6:00 AM when I drove into the Gurudwara complex, while getting into the basement parking a attendant handed me a parking slip. I asked “How much for parking?” and I was advised that it is free. It is not permitted to wear shoes inside the Gurudwara premises so you can get your shoes deposited at the shoe locker, running water has been arranged to wash your feet before you take a step inside Gurudwara complex. Also, it is required to cover your hair while inside the Gurudwara. You can use your handkerchief or free head scarves kept in Gurudwara for this purpose.

The complex is filled with positive soothing vibes of Gurbani and other sikh recitals being conducted. Think about how liberating it would feel when you calmly sit at the holy water sarovar with your eyes closed allowing all these holy chants to touch your heart and get absorbed it. Yes it is true that you might not understand a word of it but you don’t have to be a botany expert to allow aroma of a rose to assimilate in your heart.

One of the other inspiring aspects of the Gurudwara is the kar-sewa. The real path to god is to serve humanity, so you can see kar-sewaks (volunteers) from all walks of life extending a helping hand. And then you are always welcome at the langar and have food cooked at Gurudwara’s kitchen and served by the volunteers. Trust me the food here is really delicious and you can indulge till your belly gives up.

So be it if you are alone or with group of friends or with your family, Bangla Sahib is the place where you can slip into a cocoon covered with almighty’s blessings.


HISTORY : Banga Sahib Gurudwara is built in year 1783 on a palace of Raja Jai Singh. The bungalow of Jai Singh was converted into a Gurudwara by by Sardar Baghel Singh who was a sikh general. It is believed that eighth Sikh Guru – Guru Harkrishan Ji had stayed at this bungalow in 1664 when he has 8 years old. Then when a small pox epidemic had plagued Delhi, Guru Harkrishan Ji dipped his feet in water to make charanamrit (Holy Water) and this sacred water was then mixed in a water tank. All those who took a bath in the blessed water of the tank were cured and thus a city was saved by his blessings.

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