Ladakh Buddhist Monastery


The Monk

Delhi as we all know is one place which represents entire India and not a specific region or religion and all of us contributes something to the uniqueness of our city.

Well today I went to explore a place which is known as second home of Tibetans/ Ladakhis in Delhi – The Monastery.

It would be an undeniable fact that everyone in Delhi would have heard about or visited Monastery market at some point of their college life. I remember this market to be a Shopping Destination for shoes and T-shirts.  It always made sure that my desire of trendy & stylish things does not go beyond my pocket money.

Well, Monastery truly reflects the uniqueness of Tibetan lifestyle and you will not be missing the ethnicity of the Tibetan/Ladakhi culture at every second step you will be taking here.

Situated just a stone throw’s away distance from I.S.B.T – Kashmiri Gate, this is a frequent visiting spot for College students for crowd seeking pocket friendly shopping. Deo’s, Watches, Shoes, Clothes, Statues, Raw food items, sunglasses.. name it and you can get it here. But today I will not be talking about the market!!.

I would be talking about the core of this place. This monastery came into existence in 1963 and was with intent to provide refuge to Ladakhi’s and Tibetans. The Monastery (Vihar) was inaugurated by late Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru on 24’th Feb 1963 and along with the Inauguration a Bodhi Tree was also planted by him on the same day. Monastery also has a guesthouse attached to it.

A walk though inside the monastery takes you around various pictures of Dalai Lama and various important characters to Tibetan people. The moment you step in you will be captivated by a huge statue of Buddha and various paintings depicting the transformation of Prince Siddhartha to selfless kindhearted Buddha. Well, as expected it turned out to be a very peaceful, soothing and calm place.

The Bodhi Tree is situated at the backyard of monastery which is facing Yamuna River. My heart constantly wished that Yamuna could be pollution free, something which would have made this Monastery an absolute doorway of heaven to seek peace and oneness with almighty.

A Word Of Caution: Please ensure that you are specific while referring to Ladakhis or Tibetans here as both have different settlements. I was tossed around quite a few times as I kept on using wrong reference at wrong place. Both Ladakhi’s and Tibetan’s have different pradhans (heads) so you better know as to which door you want to knock.

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