Baoli’s In Delhi

Ugrasen Ki Baoli

Ugrasen Ki Baoli

There was a time when water was treated with respect, when we knew how to reach it rather than drag it to us. The era which supposedly is extremely medieval to us, yet more educated and learned.

Man was not drowned in the power granted by science but he knew how to humbly be on his knees and respectfully ask nature for his needs. Baoli’s (water reservoirs) are the legacies of those forgotten times which we carry with us but their existence gets ignored, just like scabs of some old wound. Delhi is home to several baoli’s representing man’s respect when he politely searched to quench his thirst from nature’s laps.

The first time I stepped into a premises of such a man made reservoir I was simply awestruck & mesmerized. The pain which our ancestors took searching for water, digging into the crust and the celebration of life, can be clearly seen in the architecture of these baoli’s.

It just looks majestic with stairs running down to the water source, and numerous floors of hallways & craftily constructed windows peeping at the pond. An structure dug deep yet adequately air conditioned, you can spend hours here gazing and sitting comfortable in the embrace of the structure.

To my knowledge, there are 4 baoli’s which are easily approachable :

1) Ugrasen Ki Baoli : Located on Tolstoy Road, this is at walking distance from Barakhamba road, Connaught Place.

2) Rajaon Ki Baoli : Mehrauli, walking distance from Gandhak Ki Baoli.

3) Gandhak Ki Baoli : Mehrauli, just behind Mehrauli Bus Terminal.

4) Nizzamuddin Ki Baoli : At close distance from Hazrat Nizamuddin Ki Dargah.

I shall be covering these in my future posts so stay tuned.

Meanwhile I am sure that there are a few more of these step wells which I am not aware about so please share your knowledge on the city.


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