Red Fort



One of the most noticed and prominent landmarks of Delhi, Red Fort (The Lal Quila) is the Prime Minister’s podium for his address to the nation on our Independence day.

Built from Red Sandstone, the high walls of the fort stamp it’s importance on Delhi’s Geography & History. When Red Fort was built it built as fort of Shahjahanbad (which was declared capital city for Mugal Empire) on banks of river Yamuna. As it stood guard against invaders, the fort’s walls are nearly 100 ft high and when you drive around it, it stretches for nearly 2 kms. The fort has gone through a massive renovation work to redeem it’s old glory.

Well, when you visit it then you will need to purchase an entry ticket (which will not be hurting you pockets). Once You reach red fort you will have ample of things to keep you occupied including a small stretch of market for handcrafted items. Also, you can go a sound & light show which is hosted at evening (5PM onwards).


Within Red Fort, you can see the following sections :

Diwan-E-Aam : Where emperor used to conduct his public hearings & meetings.

Diwan-E-Khas : This was exclusive for courtiers & statesman. The famous Peacock thrown & Kohinoor were kept in Diwan-E-Khas.

Rang Mahal : This section was built for women and basically had women quarters. Doing justice to the gender, The Rang Mahal can undoubtedly be voted as the most charismatic & colorful section of Red Fort.

Moti Masjid : This mosque was private for emperor to offer his prayers. This structure has 3 dooms and is a marble crafted.

Shahi Hamam : This is where royalty bathed. The walls are of marble decorated with colorful stones, and fountains. One of the fountains was to spring rose water.

There is also a museum with two floors dedicatedly displaying the armory & weapons used in warfare during ancient times.




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