lodhi Garden copy

“Ye Kaafiron Ka Shehar Hai Dost,
Yahan dasht mein rupiya to milta hai par seenon mein dil nahi milte”

Aloha !

From being the epicenter of first war of independence to witnessing the biggest post-independence revolution, Delhi has seen it all. This is the city which has witnessed the realms of mighty falling and where whole nation rallied behind one individual fasting for corruption free India. This is the land which many aspired to turn into ruins but like phoenix it stood up again. Take Nadir Shah or Abdali or be it Taimur, Delhi saw off their tyranny and resurfaced from dust looking stronger and more glorious.

Delhi not only is hub for the strongest influences of India but it also harbors the shadows of a majestic past. Well, you have everything here you just need to chase what you want. There is glamour of skyscrapers & ultra modern malls and also there is a charm of sophistication on the narrow lanes of Old Delhi. Not only is it home to the world’s thirteenth largest metro network , it also hails shadow of worlds tallest minaret –  Qutub Minar.

On one side we have india’s largest jail complex Tihar Jail and on the other we have India’s largest co-curricular activity complex for national criminals & looters at end point of Sansad Marg.

Delhi is a city of vibrancy, colors to drench you but unfortunately it reverberates many shades of grey as well. On surface it does appear as a city full of ambiguities & disparities between rich and poor, between past and present, crimes & social awareness but on a closer look Delhi is like a fabric formed by the  threads of time & culture strongly woven together.

So here I am with my blog “Romancing-Delhi” to give reflection about what exactly my city is all about. Enjoy and stay hooked on!!


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